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The mission of the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation is to make New Orleans a safer place in which to live, work and visit.

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Invest in Community.
Invest in New Orleans.

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The path to a safer city is clear. It requires a modern police force, an effective justice system and a community that stands behind the brave men and women who form the frontlines against crime.

At NOPJF we channel private support into programs that yield tangible results: More officers. Better technology. Effective community partnerships. Less crime.

“The New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation is the only nonprofit organization exclusively dedicating its support to the New Orleans Police Department.

The NOPJF provides the equipment, training and technology my officers  need to fight crime and make New Orleans a safer place to live, work and visit.”

– Superintendent Michael Harrison


Charity Navigator gives NOPJF four stars out of a possible four star rating, indicating that our organization “adheres to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities and consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way.”



Throughout Carnival season, NOPD officers are on duty and working with a majority putting in 12-hour shifts in a police district or a minimum of 8-hour shifts along the parade route. Adopt-A-Cop Mardi Gras Support provides our Krewe in Blue with much needed hot meals,...
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COP NOLA—“Committed to Opportunity and Prosperity”—is a free educational program for NOPD applicants with the goal of raising the local passage rate for the civil service test and improving applicant interview skills. COP NOLA will ensure that a high-paying profession...
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Adopt A Horse

The New Orleans Police Department’s Mounted Unit is one of the department’s most iconic divisions.  Visible in the historic French Quarter and at such high profile events as Mardi Gras, Super Bowls and many of the city’s numerous music festivals, the horses are an...
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The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation is committed to rebuilding NOPD's ranks with top quality candidates from around the country. In late 2013, NOPJF launched a state-of-the-art recruitment site (www.joinnopd.org). In 2014 NOPJF aggressively pursued a...
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K-9 Support

Meet Paco, the newest four-legged officer to join the ranks of NOPD! Paco is a highly trained dual purpose patrol functions and explosives detection canine. NOPJF was able to donate Paco to NOPD thanks to funds generously donated by members of the New Orleans...
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Tragedy Fund

Every day the men and women of the New Orleans Police Department put their own lives on the line to protect the safety of others. The Tragedy Fund is set aside for NOPD employees and their families when an officer experiences a loss of life or significant injury....
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SafeCam NOLA

SafeCam NOLA is an innovative community safety initiative that allows residents and businesses to partner with NOPD in the fight against crime. Citizen provided camera footage is increasingly becoming an invaluable asset to police, helping establish leads, identify...
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Adopt A Block

Adopt-A-Block is NOPJF's companion initiative to SafeCam NOLA. It is an innovative program that aims to increase the number of private security cameras in crime hot spots in New Orleans. Adopt-A-Block works with...
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In the modern world, police officers are expected to display physical courage and smart tactics in unpredictable situations, enforce a complex body of law, and comply with NOPD’s rigorous internal policies. Split second decisions literally carry life and death...
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Tuition Assistance

The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation proudly supports the Tuition Assistance Program assisting New Orleans Police Officers and civilian employees in furthering their education at the university level. The Foundation recognizes the...
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