SafeCam NOLA

SafeCam NOLA is an innovative community safety initiative that allows residents and businesses to partner with NOPD in the fight against crime. Citizen provided camera footage is increasingly becoming an invaluable asset to police, helping establish leads, identify perpetrators and prosecute criminals. The NOPJF has helped a database of 1,000 cameras in a single police district grow to over 3,600 cameras across the city. The database gives detectives information on the closest registered private cameras to a crime scene and who to call to see the footage.

Community members can now register their security cameras with NOPD in minutes from their smartphone, tablet or computer through the SafeCam NOLA website ( Registrations are stored in a secure database. SafeCam NOLA does not  provide NOPD with direct access to private camera footage. Residents are only contacted in the event that NOPD detectives are investigating a crime in the vicinity of their camera and seek video evidence to solve the crime. This resource expedites investigations and empowers residents to partner with NOPD in the fight for a safer city.