The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation is committed to rebuilding NOPD’s ranks with top quality candidates from around the country. In late 2013, NOPJF launched a state-of-the-art recruitment site ( In 2014 NOPJF aggressively pursued a geo-targeted digital media campaign while partnering with the City of New Orleans and the New Orleans Police Department to reform the hiring process. And Last year, for the first time since 2009, the NOPD achieved a net increase in officers. This turn around was driven in large part by a successful digital marketing strategy.

The campaign attracted applicants from 46 states, infusing the Department with a diverse group of young men and women committed to protecting our streets. Highlights of the 2016 hiring effort include:

  • The multi-media JoinNOPD campaign brought in 4,600 applications, up 50% from 2014
  • Civil Service instituted “walk in testing”, allowing NOPD applicants to take entrance exams on the same day they apply, shaving weeks from the hiring process
  • NOPD doubled the number of background investigators and instituted new civilian recruiters

In April, 2016, 39 recruits began training at the Academy, the largest class since 2010. Among the 39 recruits:

  • 13 are U.S. military veterans;
  • 9 have Bachelor’s Degrees and 4 recruits have Associate’s Degrees;
  • 18 recruits are from out of state, including recruits from New York, California, Tennessee, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida.